Mixtape Monday: The Disney Channel Original Movie Edition

So this week, we’re doing something a bit different. I usually give you guys a Spotify playlist to listen to while you read or on-the-go, making everything super convenient. Speaking of, if you missed last week’s Feelin’ Good playlist, you can listen to it HERE.

Because of the nature of this week’s theme, not all of them are on Spotify, so instead, I’ve included YouTube links. It’s gonna be one big nostalgia fest, so strap in.

This week’s theme is songs from Disney Channel Original Movies aka the soundtrack of my childhood. Just click the song title to open the YouTube link and enjoy.

To get us all in the DCOM mindset, let’s start with this gem.

  1. Supernova Girl: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999): Zeetus lapedus, this song rules.
  2. Slam Dunk (Da Funk): Smart House (1999): It’s embarrassing how many times I watched and re-watched this scene so I could learn the dance.
  3. What Dreams are made of: The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003): *screams along* THIS IS WHAT DREEEAAAMMMS ARE MADE OF
  4. Gotta Go My Own Way: High School Musical 2 (2007): I was well past the demographic age for this movie when it came out, but it didn’t stop me from watching it, loving it, and sobbing my eyeballs out when this song played. Troy & Gabriella forever.
  5. This Is Me: Camp Rock (2008): Arguably the most inspirational DCOM song ever.
  6. Get’cha Head In The Game: High School Musical (2006): So, you basketball boys think Troy wanting to do a musical is lame, but you all know a choreographed dance with basketball props…? Seems legit.
  7. Get a Clue: Get a Clue (2002): Tell me this isn’t poetry: “Wake up, who knew. It’s me, it’s you. Get a clue.”
  8. One Girl Revolution: Cadet Kelly (2002): YAS QUEENS. GIRL POWER.
  9. Call Me, Beep Me: Kim Possible: So The Drama (2005): Ugh, so the drama.
  10. My Date With the President’s Daughter theme song: My Date With the President’s Daughter (1998): It’s been 19 years since this movie’s release and I’m still salty that I could never find a pink velvet dress like Hallie’s.

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