Treat Yourself Tuesday: Giveaway Time!

I’ve been really stressed lately. Between the work stresses & a packed social calendar, I haven’t had a lot of time to practice any form of self-care. One thing that always makes me feel good is making other people happy, so I’ve decided to put together a package of my favorite things for a giveaway!

First things first, here’s the rules.

  1. You must be following my blog. To do that, just hit the “follow button” on the right side bar of the page & enter your email address.
  2. If you go follow me on Instagram (@baconandhashtag), you get a bonus entry.

That’s it! It’s that easy. Now for the fun part! Let’s break down what’s in this giveaway.


An adult coloring book & daily intention journal for a mental health break, an exfoliating face mask, a keratin protein face mask, a coconut oil, sea salt, & coffee scrub from Trader Joe’s (this stuff smells DELICIOUS!), a Sleepy (Twilight scent) lotion from Lush Cosmetics, a delicious smelling Blackberry & Sage soap from a small business, a coconut and papya lotion from Nubian Heritage that’s perfect for summer, and 20+ wax melts from a variety of indie vendors & Yankee Candle.

I put a lot of love into choosing the best products for you guys and I can’t wait to see what you think! The winner will be drawn & notified on May 9th! In the meantime, share with me your favorite ways to practice self care in the comments! Remember, be nice to yourself!



One thought on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: Giveaway Time!

  1. janiswritesitall says:

    A warm bath with Lush products and mellow music! Sometimes a glass of wine! Those are the things that bring me peace and make me feel pampered.

    Also, I LOVE the choices you made for the giveaway! That you put a lot of time, effort, and love into your selections is clear. 🙂


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