The {Procrastinator’s} Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m very guilty of procrastination.

This time is no different. It’s Friday morning & I still haven’t gotten a gift for my dad for Father’s Day which is SUNDAY (eek!). After talking to some of my friends, I realized I’m not alone–apparently we’re all a bunch of procrastinors!

So in the spirit of needing a great gift for my dad, but on limited time, I’ve put together this Procrastinator’s Father’s Day Gift Guide to make your life easier with gifts you still have time to get, courtesy of next day shipping and/or Amazon Prime.


For the easily amused dad: I don’t know about your dad, but my dad always loves those tabletop/desktop games that come out around Christmas, so this bowling desktop game from Uncommon Goods really caught my eye ($8.00-$45.00, depending on size)

For the techy dad: Dad can have fun an immersive world without ever leaving his favorite recliner with this Samsung Gear VR headset ($69.99)

For the auto enthusiast dad: This compact powerhouse charger fits in dad’s back pocket, will jump start your car, Also charges smartphones, tablets, speakers, and more.

For the hipster dad: This 4 beer jelly set from Uncommon Goods is for the dad who’s already been down that whole home-brew road and needs new ways to commune with his favorite fermented beverage.

For the outdoorsy, but sleepy dad: Give dad a break with this inflatable lounger that floats on water and comes equipped with cup holders and a headrest.

For the indoorsy sleepy dad: These slippers from UGG honestly have “dad” written all over them.

For the dad who’s always connected: Still the best fitness tracker/watch/supercomputer around. If your dad’s an Apple guy and he doesn’t own one of these yet, the time has come.

For the organic dad: This face & beard wash from Lush Cosmetics is one of my favorite things even though I don’t have a beard. This creamy, citrusy wash is also cruelty-free and vegan, which any crunchy dad will appreciate.

For the beachy dad: It wouldn’t be a Father’s Day gift guide without a tie. This Hawaiian print tie is perfect for dad if he’s ready to head to the beach later this summer.

And finally, for the classic dad: You can never go wrong with cologne, especially Cool Water. It’s the daddest scent ever & will instantly remind you of your childhood when you smell it.



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The Bachelorette Week 3 Recap: “Let The Big Dog Eat!” edition

I’m sad to say, this will be my last week getting to use a Whaboom quote as the headline for my recap. Let’s jump in.

Last night’s episode picked up with DeMario (eliminated last week on a group date after his ex girlfriend showed up) showing back up at Bachelor Mansion begging Rachel for another chance. All the guys were out there watching, ready to kick his ass, but thankfully Rachel turned him away and no one had to act too much a fool.

After the DeMario drama died down, we went straight into a rose ceremony where Rachel eliminated Jamey, who is just not that memorable, Blake E. (who loves talking about penis), and Lucas aka Whaboom. Jamey had a classy exit. The same can’t really be said for Blake E. & Whaboom. Their toxic bromance reached a breaking point. Their exit interviews were mocking imitations like children do to annoy each other. It was so immature, but glorious all the same time. ICYMI: I’ve included TV Guide’s video below.

Like last week, this episode included 2 group dates and 1 1:1 date.

Group Date #1: Jonathan “Tickle Monster”, Alex the Russian, Bryan the Chiropractor, Peter (My Final Rose pick), Will, & Fred (Rachel’s childhood camp friend). Rachel took the guys to the Ellen show, where they played a rousing game of “Never Have I Ever”. Alex the Russian admitted to peeing in the pool at Bachelor Mansion & Jonathan “Tickle Monster” seems baffled that Rachel has kissed some of the guys already. Like, hello Tickle Monster, we’re in week 3.
After the show, they head to dinner where Fred “Camp Friend” finally gets his chance to kiss Rachel. It was a little cringey. Too many kissing noises. After the kiss, Rachel grabs the group date rose, asks to speak to Fred in private, and then SENDS HIM HOME WHILE HOLDING THE ROSE. It was so savage of her to bring the rose along, making him think he had this in the bag only to be booted back to Dallas. Alex the Russian got the group date rose instead.

1:1 Date: Anthony. Super uneventful. They rode horses on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where apparently you can bring horses into stores? I have no idea. Anthony got a rose at the end of the date, so I guess Rachel saw something in him.

Group Date #2: Jack Stone (Creepy), Dean, Kenny “Pretty Boy Pitbull”, Brady, (who?), Bryce (who??), Eric, Adam (WHO?!), and Lee. Seriously. When she was calling some of these guys’ names during the rose ceremony, I was like “WHO?!” This date was weird. Corinne, Raven, Alexis, and Jasmine from Nick Viall’s season showed up to watch the guys mud wrestle. The girls appeared under the guise of helping Rachel pick a man, but honestly, they were there for more camera time before they head to Bachelor in Paradise. During the date, tensions rise between Lee & Eric. Lee thinks Eric doesn’t have enough experience to be on the show, but Rachel clearly disagrees and gives him the group date rose. I don’t know why. I don’t think I like anyone in this group except Kenny.

Reminder, there’s not an episode of The Bachelorette next week due to the NBA finals, so the next new episode will be on June 19th!

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21 Day Mental Health Challenge

It’s no secret that I have an anxiety disorder. Because I also have fibromyalgia, anxiety and stress can cause a lot of flare ups, so I have to be careful to manage my stress levels.

Mental health is something that’s really important to me. I’ve been wanting to do a “mental health challenge” for a while, so after a lot of research and consideration about what’s doable for me. I’ve come up with my own spin on a 21 Day Mental Health Challenge. I’ll be checking in with my progress every Thursday for the next few weeks. So without futher ado, here’s what I’ll be challenging myself to the next 21 days & if you want to follow along!

June 2: Run a bubble bath & relax

June 3: Journal 10 things that you’re grateful for

June 4: Take a walk outside

June 5: Call someone you love

June 6: De-clutter a space in your home, office, or car

June 7: Make a list of short-term goals

June 8: Start a new book you’ve been meaning to read for a while

June 9: Slow down. Take time to watch the sunset

June 10: Take a social media sabbatical

June 11: Get rid of 5 things you never use

June 12: Take a break. Eat lunch away from your desk

June 13: Send an encouraging text to 5 people

June 14: Unsubscribe from unneccesary emails

June 15: Wake up 30 minutes earlier to meditate

June 16: Go the entire day without complaining

June 17: Plan a coffee date with a friend

June 18: Create a new uplifting playlist

June 19: Make time for breakfast

June 20: Do something you’ve been putting off for a while

June 21: Research something new for your skill-set

June 22: Practice being present


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The Bachelorette Week 2 Recap: “The only leg I have to stand on is my TWO legs” edition

And we’re back. Episode 2 of Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette aired last night with all the drama and cliches we’ve come to expect from The Bachelor franchise. Let’s jump right in.

Week 2 featured 2 group dates and 1 one-on-one date. Pretty standard when there’s still this many contestants in the house. Like clockwork, Bryan (the chiropractor who got the first impression rose [FIR] last week & was Rachel’s first kiss of the season) did not get any dates this week. The FIR recipient never does. If you remember, Rachel got the FIR on Nick Viall’s season, so she’s likely bonded with Bryan over that.

Group Date #1: Lucas (Whaboom), Jack (Creepy), Kenny (Pretty Boy Pitbull), Fred (Rachel used to be his counselor at summer camp), Blake E. (Loves his penis), plus Dean, Jamey & Iggy who are just not that memorable.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis aka Rachel’s friends (yeah, right) appear to help Rachel pick a husband. They’re hosting a challenge called “The Husband Material” obstacle course where the guys must change a diaper, rock a Baby Bjorn, vacuum in a straight line, drain hair from a sink, wash dishes, set the dinner table, then get a bouquet of flowers. Ashton Kutcher proclaims “I don’t think Rachel’s husband is in this group” only after telling Mila that he knew she was the one from the first day he met her. He must have forgotten about his 8 year marriage to Demi Moore in between there. Unfortunately, Whaboom wins the challenge and extra time with Rachel, but Dean comes out of the date with the rose. Why? I have no idea. She must like his smile. He’s very bland.

Blake E. has an obsession with Whaboom. If you didn’t already know, they appeared on a show together called Ex Isle on WEtv several years ago. Whaboom brought his girlfriend Brittany on the show so they could work out their issues. Part of the show’s premise is that they bring in attractive singles to try and tempt people to leave their relationship and be with them. Blake E. was one of those singles. Lucas and Brittany eventually broke up and Brittany moved in with Blake E. as friends. Blake has a lot to say about Brittany, like he had to have her legally evicted because she tried to steal his dog. Brittany has posted on her Twitter that Blake mistreated his dog, including feeding him protein supplements so he would gain more muscle. I don’t know. The whole situation is messed up, but for entertainment’s sake. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this picture of Blake’s first personal training “client”.


One-on-One Date: Peter gets a date card that says “I’m looking for my best friend.” They go on a date with Rachel’s dog Copper to Bark Fest in Palm Springs, California via a private jet. We saw nothing but dogs (I’m not mad at it) and cutaways of confessionals of Rachel and Peter both talking about how into each other they are. The audience doesn’t see it, but more power to them. Peter gets a rose at the end of the date and will move onto Week 3.

Group Date #2: Lee, DeMario, Will, Josiah, Eric, Matt, Adam, Jamey, Diggy, and Alex. Rachel takes them to a high school gym to play basketball, where surprise, Rachel’s “friend” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is there waiting to teach the men a thing or two about basketball. I find it highly interesting that Abdul-Jabbar is on the show after making these firey comments about it back in January. In any case, the basketball lessons did not help. It was some seriously awkward basketball spectated by random extras filling the bleachers along with millions of viewers at home. After the game, a woman who identified herself as Lexi asked to speak to Rachel. She then told Rachel that she was DeMario’s girlfriend of seven months and that he had never broken up with her. Long story short, Rachel is pissed, DeMario denies it, Lexi proves it, DeMario is sent packing.

After Rachel tells the guys what happened, they turn on the charm and lay it on a little too thick for my comfort, including badly written poems, Adam busting out more dolls, and Bryan doing a back adjustment for Rachel. While the cocktail party is going on, DeMario shows up at the gate of Bachelor Mansion and asks to speak to Rachel. Chris Harrison obliges and goes to get Rachel. The last thing we see is Rachel walking to speak to DeMario and the guys panicking, ready to kick his ass. To be continued….

See you next week.

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Mixtape Monday: Fresh Finds Vol. 2

By: Ashton May

Hello, Mixtape Monday-ers! The film festival ended yesterday, and I’m in Cannes for one more day. As such, this week is another great playlist of fresh finds. If you were really into the songs on last week’s mixtape, here’s direct link to the playlist here.

So here’s another batch of new/ new-ish music to enjoy this week! And if you have the day off today, happy Memorial Day! Listen while you read HERE

Mixtape Monday, 5/29, “Fresh Finds Vol. 2”

  1. “Suitcase” – The New Electric Sound
  2. “Loud(y)” – Lewis Del Mar
  3. “A 1000 Times” – Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  4. “Frozen Pines” – Lord Huron
  5. “Told You So” – Paramore
  6. “I Miss Those Days” – Bleachers
  7. “Miss America” – Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles
  8. “Three Rings” – Grizzly Bear
  9. “Star Roving” – Slowdive
  10. “Dive” – Coast Modern
  11. “Redline” – Beeches
  12. “Strangers” – Halsey, Lauren Jauregui
  13. “Sweet Creature” – Harry Styles
  14. “I Hate It” – Jailbox
  15. “Waves” – Dean Lewis
  16. “Cool Blue” – The Japanese House
  17. “Something Here” – Day Wave
  18. “Nice” – Rye
  19. “Do You Remember” – St. Lucia.
  20. “Giants” – Savoir Adore
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The Bachelorette Week 1 Recap: “Sweet, but sour. Sassy, but classy.”

It’s that time of year again. The time where I spend my weeknights holed up in the air conditioning hiding from the brutal summer heat & absorbing myself in reality television and all the emotions that come with it.

So here we are, welcome to my first week of the Bachelorette recap: Sweet, but sour edition.

When I initially heard Rachel was the bachelorette, I was surprised. She seemed really skeptical of the whole Bachelor universe on Nick Viall’s season, but since starting her own season, she’s seemed all in during press interviews and on social, and tonight’s premiere episode was no different.

So to kick this off, let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the cringe-worthy.


Kenny. He’s adorable, jovial, and I already love him. He’s Kenny King, the “Pretty Boy Pit Bull” of the wrestling world. His intro video showed total compassion for his 10 year old daughter McKenzie and he spoke about how strong he thinks Rachel is. He seems like a total softie and I hope he sticks around until the end.


Kenny King the “Pretty Boy Pit Bull”

Diggy. Not to be confused with Iggy. He’s totally charming & well dressed. He was my immediate favorite when I saw him on the Facebook Live reveal while making my Bachelorette Fantasy League. (Yes. That’s totally a thing. You can join my draft HERE.) I hope he gets more screen time in next week’s episode.


Diggy, not Iggy.


Jamey. He comes off 100% arrogant & I’m honestly so baffled as to why he got a rose this week. Just check out these answers in his cast bio. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I am trying to not make plans in life. What does your ideal mate look like? A model. Describe your best friend of the opposite sex and why she/she deserves that title: I do not have female friends.”

He sounds like a real prize. He got a rose and I’m hoping he goes home in week 2.


Jerkface Jamey

Mohit. Honestly I liked him until he got unabashedly, shit faced drunk in the first 30 minutes. I never even saw him interact with Rachel after the initial meeting. He was too busy getting acquainted with the champagne. Mohit did not get a rose, but he did get this quote that will last a lifetime.

“Nooo, keep your mouth away!” -Mohit waving his arms & screaming while standing in the bushes to watch Rachel kiss Bryan.


Mohit. I don’t have anything clever to say about him.


Jonathan. He tickled Rachel immediately upon introduction. He also listed his occupation as tickle monster. No further explanation needed. Please send him home in Week 2, Rachel.


Jonathan “Tickle Monster” Creeper

Blake E. He kept talking about his penis in his intro video. He was also working out in his intro video, so you can tell he’s really into himself. Tells us “my last relationship was mostly sex based, sex driven.” Then says, “Women have told me about the amazingness of my penis.” Are you serious? EW.


Blake E. AKA Mr. Self Absorbed

And finally, Lucas. His occupation is “Whaboom”. From what I can tell, that mostly consists of screaming at the top of his lungs and acting insane. All the guys got super catty & were like, “If *HE* gets a rose, I’m out of here.” Unfortunately, the producers had Rachel give him a rose and Whaboom lives to see another day.


Lucas AKA Whaboom

So, until next week, live like Rachel and stay sweet but sour, sassy but classy!

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Mixtape Monday: Fresh Finds Vol. 1

By: Ashton May

Bienvenue to another Mixtape Monday! Last week, we had a fun playlist full of popular original songs from feature films. If you want to keep that playlist forever and ever in your Spotify library, here’s a direct link to the playlist here.

I’m still in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival. It’s been a blast so far. Last night I made it into the red carpet premiere (yes, I actually got to walk the red carpet!) for The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) starring Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Emma Thompson. It was delightful, so look for it on your screens soon (it’s a Netflix original film).

Anyway, back to business. This week’s mixtape is called “Fresh Finds,” and it’s 20 songs out of a larger playlist of music I’ve been listening to during my travels. A lot of this music is brand new, including new songs from X Ambassadors, Foster The People, HAIM, to name a few. As both my internet access and free time has been spotty, we won’t have full write ups this week. Enjoy these sweet new tunes and have a fantastic week, wherever you are! Listen while you read HERE

Mixtape Monday, 5/22, “Fresh Finds Vol. 1”

  1. “Young & Unafraid” – The Moth & The Flame
  2. “Doing It To Death” – The Kills
  3. “Strange” – LP
  4. “Sign of the Times” – Harry Styles
  5. “Take a Bow, We’re on Stage” – Solarsuit
  6. “The Only Boy Awake” – Meadows
  7. “Want You Back” – HAIM
  8. “Everything Always” – Ctznshp
  9. “The Night We Met” – Lord Huron
  10. “In a Black Out” – Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  11. “The One” – The Chainsmokers
  12. “Sweet Disaster” – DREAMERS
  13. “Afterimage” – Hate Drugs
  14. “On Your Side” – Gabe Dixon
  15. “Pleaser” – Wallows
  16. “Tremble” – LPX
  17. “Doing It for the Money” – Foster The People
  18. “Ultralife” – Oh Wonder
  19. “Torches” – X Ambassadors
  20. “Husband Material” – Dingus
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